Samples of Our Services


Services we offer

We develop electronic equipment from an idea or the modernization of existing devices for prototyping or mass production. Our specialty are circuits based on 8-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers.


Circuit schematics

We design circuits for prototype or mass production, using existing components in the database of our suppliers to ensure availability at the time of manufacture. BOMs are generated to calculate budgets and manufacturing times.


Printed circuit boards

Based on 3D models of the components and the enclosure, we design the circuit boards to perfectly match the base where these will be located. The number of layers and physical specifications are based on the work capacity of our suppliers.


Components assembly

To test the model, we assemble the surface-mount and through-hole components on the circuit boards, then test the electrical and operating parameters as well as the mounting enclosure, obtaining procedural guidelines for production.


Device enclosure

Using 3D design software, we make enclosure models and perform motion simulation of buttons, levers and other moving parts that interact with the user, thereby obtaining from this information technical drawings for the manufacture of parts.


CNC & 3D printing

From 3D modeling of the enclosure we generate files for manufacturing parts through machining centers (CNC) or using 3D printers (STL). With these parts we assemble prototypes that are used to verify the functionality of the equipment before mass production.


Firmware programming

We develop software in C language for microprocessors that control circuits and systems for Windows and Linux platforms, which serve as an interface for communication between these devices and other control or measurement equipments.


Android applications

We develop applications for this platform, and use available network and communication resources to interact with circuits that are capable of sending and receiving data via wireless transceivers.